Welcome to LuvPets Transcription!

Hi there! I am a professional transcriptionist with 15+ years experience and I type over 100 words per minute. I have spent most of those years doing various sorts of medical transcription, but I’ve also transcribed for writers and students.

But I am not just limited to transcription! I will type up and/or organize anything you need. Are you a student that attended a lecture and would like to see the chicken scratches turned into something coherent? Are you a senior who would like to verbally record your story and have those memories transcribed for your loved ones? Or are you a busy person who has a big stack of papers you’ve been meaning to “get to” that need organization, perhaps even entered into a spreadsheet that you can easily search (or give your accountant)?

I have also worked as an editor and in online customer service/fulfillment, as well.

I just dearly love creating order out of chaos.

I work from home in beautiful Bellingham, Washington (very close to the Canadian border). I am quite well set up to receive/deliver HIPAA safe transfer of medical dictations (or any other sensitive material) utilizing cloud-based technology or directly through your EMR, and I use NordVPN to guarantee all my data is unable to be breached. For audio transcription, I charge 14 cents per 65-character line.

For all other services (word processing/organization, etc.), I charge $14/hr.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at luvpets14@gmail.com or by phone at 360-510-3622 and leave a message. Thank you so much for your interest!